Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eric Topp

My next figure will be of Eric Topp the German WWII U-Boat Captain. It's actually a bust that includes his left arm draped over a periscope. I wanted to get the most accurate replication of the scope I could so I started to do some research on the web. I found a few images that helped but I wasn't satisfied yet. Then I thought about the U-505 exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry right here in Chicago. I pass it every day on my way home from work so I thought I would drop in to see it. First I contacted my cousin John who works at the museum to see if the scope was on display. He confirmed it was and offered to take some detailed shots for me. The photo shows the scope at about 90% complete. I still have to paint the tags and do some tuning up of the eyepiece. Other than that I am really happy with the way it's turning out.