Monday, June 25, 2007

Lancer Girl

This is my latest kit. It's a stock kit by ?? and painted entirely in oils (surprise). There wasn't a painting guide included so I didn't know if she was a Dutch Lancer or Polish Lancer. I painted her up as a Polish Lancer (I think). I never painted a nude before or a woman for that matter so I wanted to keep the Flesh tones a bit softer and less contrasty. The chin strap that was included in the kit was trash so I made my own with some small solder wrapped around a toothpick then flattened out. An old technique but one that still looks good. I said earlier she was painted all in oils but thats not true. Her hair was done in acrylics. I'm a big fan of Matt Springer and love the way he does hair and fur in acrylics so I thought I would make an attempt. I was happy with it but can still improve. The photo at right shows a good view of the hair.