Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lucky Jack

This is the Lucky Jack Aubrey bust by Young Miniatures. The bust is made of resin and is cast in three pieces. Those being the hat, head and torso. Cleanup was minimal and the casting was very clean and crisp. The bust is painted entirely in oils with an acrylic base. The jacket was painted with a mix of Blue/Black and Winsor Blue. Titanium White added to the base mix for highlighting. The waistcoat was painted using Raw Umber with Titanium White added. The entire piece was sprayed with Dullcote shot through an airbrush to flatten the oils. Shoulder boards were painted with Gold printers inks and toned down when dullcoted. The highlights were picked out with more printers ink afterwards. The leather hat trim was done with a gloss acrylic thinned down for control and applied after the dullcote.