Monday, February 11, 2008

Prussian General, 1870

As promised......a figure with legs. It's been a while since I painted a full figure after painting four busts in a row. This one is a 54mm Prussian General, 1870. It's a resin figure by M-Models out of Poland. This is the first figure by this company I painted and it's really quite nice. Very clean casting with a minimum amount of cleaning required. All pieces fit together without any trouble. Painted in oils over acrylics and matted out with Dullcote using an airbrush. The Grey dried really glossy I think because of all the oil in the Black I used. I bought a fresh tube of Lamp Black and I probably should have pulled some of the oil out. Oh well, it all worked out. It's difficult to tell from the photo but he's holding a monacle to his right eye. This was filled in with 5 min. epoxy to create the lens.