Thursday, September 06, 2007

Imperial Germany Kurassier Officer

This is my latest figure. a 1:10 scale bust by Amati. The figure was underpainted in acrylics and finished in oils. I tried using different metalizer paints on the cuirras but couldn't get rid of the brush strokes. I decided to try something I did several years ago on a viking helmet. Metal foil. I cut small pieces of aluminum foil to fit slightly larger than the area I needed to cover. I applied epoxy to the edges of these areas and place the foil in place. I used one of those rubber tipped "color shaper" tools to press the foil into the edges of the cuirass then used a toothpick to get into the smaller areas. I had to be very careful with the toothpick because the foil could easily tear. Once these were all in place I trimmed the excess with a razor knife then used Black oils to "edge" in shadows around the details. The cuirass straps were painted with Gold printers inks.