Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saxon Garde-Reiter Officer 1821-27

Painted in oils over acrylics. This is a 1/10 scale resin bust of a Saxon Garde-Reiter Officer Rittmeister 2nd Regt by Michael Miniatures.Color scheme is very simple. The most difficult being the White. I airbrushed acrylic White to avoid brushstrokes showing through the White oil. Raw Umber was used to dull the base color. Raw Umber and Black were used to shade. After the oils were dried I used White acrylic to highlight. All Gold are printers inks applied with an enamel carrier. The Kaiserblau is a mix of Winsor Blue, Titanium White, Blue/Black and a very small amount of Gold/Ochre. then shaded with Black. The Yellow is a mix of Gold/Ochre, Bright Yellow and Titanium White. Shaded with Burnt Umber. Flesh is my normal mix of Burnt Sienna, Gold/Ochre and Titanium White. There was no texture on the leather portions of the helmet so I added it by "dabbing" oil paint after most of the oil was wicked out. It took about three applications before the texture was noticeable.