Sunday, October 08, 2006

French Officer of the line, 1806

This is my latest figure. It's a French Officer of the line, 1806. A 54mm, metal Latorre kit painted in oils. This will be part of the MMSI auction for 2006.
The oils used were all Winsor/Newton applied over Vallejo acrylic basecoat. Being a metal kit I applied a primer prior to the application of any type of paint. I used Krylon metal primer in the large spray can. The basecoat of White was applied using an airbrush to avoid brushstrokes showing through to the oils. A good, solid basecoat of White is required for good coverage of the oils. I mixed my White color adding a bit of Raw Umber to tone it down to a warm very light Grey. Shadows are a combination of more Raw Umber in the medium areas and Lamp Black in the deeper areas. Highlights were added after the basecoat of Grey was completely dry. Some outlining was done on the uniform using White acrylics. The Green was mixed using Bright Yellow and Lamp Black. The majority being Yellow. This was highlighted with more Yellow. Flesh was my basic mix of Gold/Ochre, Burnt/Sienna and Titanium White. I added a touch of Flesh Tint to warm it up a bit.

Third Reich in Ruins website

This website (Third Reich in Ruins) consists of many pages showing photos of locations during WWII Germany along with a matching photo of the area today. It was started by Geoff Walden whose father was stationed in Germany in 1945 and took many photographs while there. I became intrigued with this site after my first visit to Germany in 2003. Among the cities I visited were Munich, Nurenburg and Berchtesgaden where I went up to Hitlers Eagles Nest. These areas are rich in history even though Nazi party history but history nonetheless and are fascinating to me. I love history and learned quite a bit about the places I visited. This website proved very useful in my research. I recommended checking it out especially if you've traveled to Germany. You'll probably recognize locations you've been to. I've included a couple of photos that show the content of this site. The top photo is in Nurenburg and shows the level of destruction inflicted on this historic city. The bottom photo is of the 101st Airborne in Berchtesgaden.